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Dr. Shelley Howell

University of Texas at San Antonio

Interim Associate Vice Provost, Teaching and Learning Services

Lecturer, First Year Experience

What's Your Philosophy? Tips for Writing an Effective Teaching Statement 

What's Your Philosophy?


My Page

Not Too Hot to Handle:

Civil Discussions in the Classroom

What About Me?

Strategies for Inclusive Teaching

What the Best Faculty Do

Active Learning Strategies

Getting Time on Your Side

The A Word

A PDF of Dr. Howell's presentation "The A Word" for the

ATD San Antonio LEAPS conference can be found here.

Rethinking Student Success:

The Path to Deeper Learning

Designing the Essentials:

Outcomes, Assessments and the Syllabus

They're Heeeeere!

Teaching Generation Z

Say What?

Designing Effective Discussions

Know It All:

Designing Effective Assessments

Get It Together:

Designing Effective Group Assignments

How Do You Know They Know?

Lead Your Students to Better Writing

Mapping the Journey: Design Your Syllabus for Student Success

Getting Your Students to Think by Asking the Right Questions